The Shire of Perenjori

With just 900 inhabitants in an area of some 8,611 square kilometres the Shire of Perenjori is a land of few people, wide open spaces and far-reaching horizons.

Although few and far between, the people that call Perenjori home are among the friendliest and most hospitable in regional Australia. They have a strong sense of community and take great pride in the region, their commitment to it, and to each other.

The Perenjori region is also remarkable for its stunning annual display of wildflowers that results in the landscape being awash in a sea of vibrant colours for several months every spring.

Even the most world-weary traveller will find themselves amazed by the endless vistas of pink, white and yellow everlastings that contrast so vividly with the distinctive quiet greys of the bush.

If you are travelling to Charles Darwin Reserve for the Open Day and Blues for the Bush concert allow enough time to take in the radiant wildflower displays as well as enjoy the friendly company and strong community spirit of those who live and work in Perenjori.

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Photos : Left to right: CBH Group / Jenny McDonald (Perenjori Carnamah Football Club) / Sinosteel Midwest Corp
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Charles Darwin Reserve Open Day & Blues for the Bush Concert
Friday 21-Sunday 23 September, 2018. Charles Darwin Reserve, Perenjori WA