C.W. Stoneking

“First Solo Show in Australia for 2018"

It is with a great amount of excitement that we will be welcoming C.W. Stoneking, performing solo, to our stage

C.W. Stoneking has been hiding out since his last US live shows in July last year, where he performed a run of headline dates and culminated in a rousing set at Newport Folk Festival. Rumour has it he’s busy crafting songs for his full length album, his first since 2014’s ARIA Award winning, Gon’ Boogaloo.

The blues is a living art form, albeit one that has been neglected by most contemporary musicians, and Stoneking has made it his mission to move the music forward whilst maintaining the authenticity that make this music so unique. Like a fruit tree sprouting new branches upon ancient root stock, CW writes and performs all his own songs, and he has now recorded three complete albums of wholly original material: King Hokum, Jungle Blues and, his latest, Gon’ Boogaloo. Each one is as different from the other as the diverse strands of the blues that inspire him.

At the Blues for the Bush, fans can expect songs old and new and maybe Favourites performed as never heard before?

“I don’t use the word often, but Gon’ Boogaloo is a masterpiece”
-  The Saturday Paper

”I ain’t from the past so it couldn’t possibly be from there. It ain’t bits of old music sticky-taped together, it’s all been made up fresh.”
-  C.W. Stoneking, interviewed in 2011.


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Charles Darwin Reserve Open Day & Blues for the Bush Concert
Friday 21-Sunday 23 September, 2018. Charles Darwin Reserve, Perenjori WA