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Saturday 24 September 2016
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Junior & Greg Bowles

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Junior Bowles. I play the blues, not any old blues but the raw and energy filled blues from the early 1900’s. “

That’s right, he’s back! And this time he’s bringing his Dad with him!

Junior Bowles was such a huge hit at the 2014 Blues for the Bush we have invited him back. Only this year, he is partnered by his equally as talented father – Greg Bowles.

Junior & Greg Bowles are set to remind you about the beauty and rawness of music when they team up for the Blues for the Bush in Perenjori this year.

It seems Junior Bowles is a man who likes to do things a little differently. He released his first album as a vinyl record and plays the blues from the early 1900’s. Jnr was soaked in the pre-war blues as a kid (thanks in part to his father) and grew up naturally with a keen taste for the hard road and organic music...coined accoustic, industrial folk, sounding like something in between an eclectic 1920’s blues rambler Sam Chatmon and a modern day, unconventional, instrumentalist Bon Iver. Junior expresses an old fashioned attitude, raw and honest lyrics represent his soulful heart on his sleeve approach to life, love and sound.

Complimenting Junior, Greg accompanies himself with guitar and slide guitar in order to freshen up these traditional blues melodies and rhythms and spellbind modern audiences through vibrant live performances and recordings. His emotionally-charged, authentic blues singing style punctuates his intuitive interpretations that show years of immersion in the blues and an infectious passion for the genre.

We can’t wait to see these two share the stage at our festival in September.

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