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Saturday 24 September 2016
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Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk

“Mississippi Blues from Melbourne“

Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk will bring their unique blues and pure energy to the 2016 Blues for the Bush Concert.  Their style is comparable to the hypnotic boogie of Northern Mississippi juke joints. Their music has been described as “dirty” and “raw” and buried up to the neck in Mississippi mud!  It promises to make you holler and moan and get down with your bad self.

Come prepared and be warned – your feet will take on a life of their own!

“There’s NO other combo in Town doing or even coming close to their ‘BLUES-POWER’ live. That’s why, they’re not just my fave two-piece in Rock-City… but, the ROCK ‘n’ ROLL WORLD! BOOGIE ON !!! “  Max Crawdaddy, “Son of Crawdaddy” RRRfm

“They’re ain’t nothing chicken about the way Chris Russell (and his cohort Dean Muller) walk. It’s a crotch first strut that would make Tony Manero, Dave Graney and Russell Brand a little bit uncomfortable in their pants.” - Mikey Cahill, Hit Magazine

“these guys were from Sth Chicago instead of St.Kilda, they would probably be signed to Alligator Records and be hailed as the next Black Keys”  Jeff Glorfeld, The Age EG

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